Spread the Health presented by Point32Health is a Boston Celtics United initiative focusing on select topics that impact the health and wellness of Black and Brown communities. Each session includes an educational roundtable discussion with experts and VIPs within the healthcare and basketball communities, as well as information and resources on how to access and learn more.

Gameplan for Success

Navigating Mental Health as a Youth

In partnership with Point32Health, this season's second Spread the Health initiative focused on the role mental health plays in the lives of Black youth in the Greater Boston Area.

Food Insecurity

Alleviating Food Insecurity in greater Massachusetts

In partnership with Point32Health, this season’s first installation of the Spread the Health initiative focused on food insecurity in the Greater Boston Area. Employees from Point32Health and Celtics Legend, Leon Powe, came together to volunteer at Community Servings.

Chronic Conditions

A Discussion on Managing Chronic Conditions

Featuring: Kwani Lunis (Moderator) • Carolyn Boyd • Dr. Julian Dedier • Dr. Raj Hazarika

Caring for the Caregiver

A Discussion on How Caregiving Disproportionately Affects the Black Community

Featuring: Kwani Lunis (Moderator) • Dr. Gabrielle Abelard • Evelyn Alicea • Peter Church

Health Insurance

A Discussion on Navigating the Health Insurance Marketplace

Featuring: Abby Chin (Moderator) • Patrick Cahill • Jennifer Cedor, Esq. • Hannah Frigand • Luby O'Connor

Health Disparities

A Discussion on Health Disparities affecting the Black community

Featuring: Abby Chin • Dr. Cheryl R. Clark, MD, ScD • Dr. Thea James • Cain Hayes • Grant Williams • Derrick White

Maternal Health

A discussion on the inequities and disparities around Black maternal health

Featuring: Amina Smith • Kenda Sutton EL • Jasmine Acevedo • Dr. Charles Anderson • Dr. Oneeka Williams • Melissa Nelson • Timoria McQueen Saba

Mental Health

A discussion on mental health disparities in the Black community

Featuring: Josh Richardson • Kwani Lunis • Tracey Taldon • Dr. Charmain F. Jackman • Jill Borrelli • Dr. Stephanie Pinder-Amaker • Shawn Coleman

COVID-19 Vaccine

A discussion on the COVID-19 vaccine and healthcare mistrust in the Black community

Featuring: Tacko Fall • Grant Williams • Cedric Maxwell • Dr. Joseph Betancourt • Dr. Charles Anderson